About Us

At KB Property, we envisage that property investing should be uncomplicated, stress-free and simple. We aim to bring the best buy to let property deals to our partners along with the best knowledge, skills and tools to achieve their financial goals within property investing.

The difficulty with finding the best investment properties is that they tend not to be on the open market at all. As such, discovering great investments is all about having the right contacts and staying informed about what’s on offer, information that never reaches the public domain.

This is the main essence of what we offer. Having collaborated with the best agents in the UK, if you join our network you will be part of an exclusive group of investors, with access to deals and advice that you will not find elsewhere.

As one would expect, investing in property comes with risk and if you are a first-time investor you need to be self-assured in your abilities to appraise the deals proposed to you with reference to your goals, expectations and personal circumstances.

Before investing in property, you need to identify the issues and you need to be organised. Remember, mistakes can be very costly. If are looking to learn more about property investment we have hundreds of blog articles and videos and courses that we can recommend.

So, if property investing is new to you, take your time looking around the site, take the time to educate yourself and sign up, when you are ready. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

KB Property 

Harnessing the following 5 steps below makes sure that KB Property produces a formidable product every time. 

Establish Client Needs:

We offer a free consultation by way of either a face to face meeting, Skype or telephone call, to identify your property goals, requirements and budget. In this introductory consultation, we will discuss your specific strategy and really find out what it is you look for. Every investor is different and KB Property makes a conscious effort to find out what you want from your next investment.

Secure the Property:

We spend a lot of time viewing, negotiating with agents, vendors and companies to meticulously select opportune properties for our clients. When we have found a property we think will meet the client brief, we will send a comprehensive property report which reviews the opportunity, showing a cost breakdown and market comparables. The report inevitably consists of photographs and analysis about the area. KB Property knows that areas fluctuate in returns from street to street and KB Property work on our one principle; if we won’t invest in it, we wouldn’t expect you to. We recommend that you, as the investor, view the property for yourself, and ensure that you complete your own due diligence to confirm our work.

Negotiate deals & Manage the process:

We will negotiate the purchase price ensuring we get the best deal for our client. We will then manage the whole process liaising with agents or vendors, and put clients in touch with very efficient & reliable solicitors and brokers if needed to make sure the purchase runs as smoothly as possible. KB Property have worked hard over the last few years to form relationships with our power team and don’t pass them out lightly, we always see a project through from beginning to end, if even to simply let the investor know we are there to help.

Oversee Refurbishment:

We oversee any refurbishment work needed on each property for our clients. Director Keith Burton is our project manager who oversees our team of trusted tradesmen who work on all our properties. Our estimated refurbishment costs are based on our previous projects and always have our contractor overlook and estimate the job. We aim to start a refurb at any property within five working days of completion and complete the repairs as quickly as possible so that the property is ready to let or re-sale.

Renting your Property:

KB Property has built strong relationships with letting agents in our areas of sourcing. KB Property has a dedicated solicitor has placed “tenant buyers” in properties and is very affair with creative contracts such as “assisted sales” and “lease options”. When it comes to letting your property KB Property can provide a guiding hand to finding quality tenants to look after the quality build of your new investment.

Our Director

Hi, I’m Keith Burton, I’ve been a property investor since 2019, I’m the founder of KB Property. 

Why KB Property?

I noticed a few things pretty rapidly at the start of 2019. The first was that there is a lot of very bad advice around the topic of property investing, the second was that success in property is all about networks and contacts.

So, while working for my property sourcing company I also started to focus on building my own network of investors, agents, create articles, videos and interviews with industry experts to serve as an honest counterpoint to the misleading articles and advice that I was seeing online.

Business is all about providing real value to your customers and your audience. I wanted us to create something that would not only serve our customers well but also help any friends or family that may ever want to get started in property in a way I wish I was helped when starting out.