As a property investor, you know how important it is to have high levels of occupancy in your property to obtain positive cash flow from it. However, it is not just a positive cash flow as you also need to take care of your property and the tenants. In any rental income property, it is of crucial importance to allow only good quality tenants that pay the rent on time and take care of the property just like their own. This is where the expertise and experience of KB Property Darlington come into play.

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We provide the highest quality property management services to our clients besides helping them in property sourcing. We understand the importance of efficient property management in making any buy to let property a profitable venture. We have strong connections in the rental market of Darlington. With the help of our contacts with letting agents, we make sure that your property enjoys high occupancy rates and you get good quality tenants that do not create any trouble for you. We guarantee complete peace of mind for our clients by providing high quality property management services.

At KB Property Darlington, we have gained expertise in identifying good properties that can generate decent rental income for our clients.  We have mastered the art of property sourcing over a period and our cretins are enjoying the benefits of our experience in this field. A vast majority of our clients are enjoying high occupancy levels in their properties in excess of 95%. Mind you, we do not allow entry into the properties of our clients. It is only after a rigorous tenant screening program that a tenant gets an entry in the property of our client. This is how we minimise the risk of our clients by allowing only good quality tenants in their properties. These tenants are well behaved and pay their monthly rents on time. We are helped greatly in our endeavour with our long-term contacts and relationships in the rental market industry in Darlington and its surrounding areas.

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Our property management services are designed to provide total peace of mind to our clients. They can forget all their worries about the upkeep and maintenance of their properties. They can also forget all the tension associated with the screening of tenants, rent collection, and troubles associated with bad tenants.

  • We deploy a full tenant screening system in place and run-down credit checks of all applicants
  • We collect monthly rents and deposit the TDS with the government on time
  • We get every tenant to sign a tenancy agreement document to prevent any violations of its terms
  • We maintain a proper inventory of all items inside the property
  • We attend to the repair requests of tenants and keep the property in top condition all the time
  • We carry out routine inspection of all the units and fix minor issues in time so that they do not get converted into big problems

If you are over worried about your rental income, we also have an insurance feature called rental guarantee that maintains rental income at a certain level even if some tenants default on their rent for a few months.

Finally, should you feel it necessary, we can arrange for the purchase of a ‘rental guarantee‘, a form of insurance designed to maintain your income should a tenant default by more than one month on their rental payments.

Our Services

Property Sourcing

If you’re struggling to find properties or even just don’t have the time, KB Property Darlington source properties through a compilation of local contacts and an abundance of estate agents that allows us frequent opportunities to properties before they even come to market.

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Property Refurbishment

Leave the worry of refurbishing the property to us. We have the experience, expertise and a great team of tradesmen and contractors to swiftly renovate your property to very high standard and subsequently make it ready to rent to attract top quality tenants.

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