KB Property Darlington specialises in property sourcing for its clients. We can help in identifying a suitable property with high rental income prospects and help in buying it. These properties, like other rental income properties, need refurbishing to make them attractive and desirable for potential tenants. We understand that a lot of effort is needed in making a property rent ready. We also know that to make sure that the property can generate the kind of returns the client is expecting, it requires top quality refurbishing. To achieve these results, we have a strong network of vendors, contractors, and suppliers to carry out to renovate the property with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.  We have tons of experience in refurbishing and we can transform the looks of a property in quick time to catch the attention of good quality tenants.

Proeprty Refurbishment Bathroom
Property Refurbishment Inside
Property Refurbishment Kitchen

Refurbishing to entice target group of tenants

Our property sourcing endeavour does not end with helping clients in buying low cost properties with high rental income potential. We understand that many investors face resource crunch to carry out refurbishment of the highest possible standards as they have spent most of their money on purchasing the property. For such clients, we have the option of arranging mortgage on the purchased property so that they can spend money on refurbishment to the content of their heart. We never allow shortage of funds to come in between the dreams of an investor of having a high rental income property in his portfolio.

Property Refurbishment Builders

Improvements that save money for clients

Of course, we have recommendations for our clients when it comes to renovating a property. We want them to maximise their returns and spend as little as possible during the refurbishment of the property. Our refurbishment team is guided by our housing market experts who have a full idea of what potential tenants are looking for in terms of amenities, features, landscaping, and value-added services. These experts know how to carry out cosmetic improvements to make a property attractive for renters. This is how we can save the hard-earned money of our clients on refurbishing.

There is another way of saving money during the refurbishment that is loved by our clients. We buy the material and the supplies from the same set of wholesalers and suppliers to be able to give orders in bulk quantities. We can secure wholesale prices of raw materials that help in keeping refurbishment costs low. From fixtures to fittings and form appliances to furnishings, we can buy everything at the most competitive prices.

All our clients are totally satisfied with our refurbishment work as we maintain high standards of quality and complete the work in agreed upon time frame. At KB Property Darlington, we make sure that all our refurbishment work complies with the rules of the authorities so that the client does not face any trouble on account of planning and coding violations in future.

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Our Services

Property Sourcing

If you’re struggling to find properties or even just don’t have the time, KB Property Darlington source properties through a compilation of local contacts and an abundance of estate agents that allows us frequent opportunities to properties before they even come to market.

Property Sourcing

Property Management

We provide high quality property management services at very reasonable prices to our clients. We look after not just the upkeep and repairs but also tenant screening. We collect the monthly rents on your behalf and maintain high occupancy rates in your property.

Property Management